What are the materials and design requirements of Chinese lamp

2020-03-04 16:46:29

Chinese lamps pay attention to the integration of traditional Chinese elements; in Chinese lamps and lanterns, they usually integrate the modeling rich in traditional Chinese elements, such as "Lotus Pond Moonlight", Ming ceramics, and even classical novels and mythical figures with Chinese lamps and lanterns, to produce floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and other different styles.

&Chinese lamps pay attention to color contrast. The patterns on the lamps are mostly Qingming Riverside pictures, Ruyi pictures, dragon and Phoenix pictures, and Peking opera masks. The color pairs are heavy and strong. The older generation is usually more desirable. In terms of color matching between the floor and the wall, the new Chinese lamp is also mainly dark, with black, white and gray as the keynote, so the color matching between the floor and the wall is also based on these colors.

&Most of the decorations are made of hollowed out or carved wood. The materials of lamps and lanterns made of hollowed out or carved wood are quiet, simple and heavy. Imitated Chinese lamps are mainly round and square. Most of the round lamps are decorative lamps, which make the finishing touch at home; most of the square lamps are ceiling lamps, with various fences and figures on the periphery, simple and dignified, simple and generous.


&Any kind of style deduction has its specific cultural background as its support, so as to convey people's life pursuit in the specific cultural atmosphere. With the Chinese traditional classical culture as the background, build the lamps and lanterns that belong to the Chinese style, because the times are always innovating, but history cannot forget that the love for traditional culture will not be easily changed, thus forming the new Chinese style lamps and lanterns style. This minimalism style has penetrated the eastern Chinese civilization for thousands of years. It is not only timeless, but also charming in the East as time goes by.

    The new Chinese style lamp is the new favorite of many people who pursue the quality of life. The decoration of the new Chinese style lamp has charm and cultural meaning, so it naturally has its own characteristics in the process of decoration design. The color of the new Chinese style lamp itself is darker, because it is also a kind of retro repair style, like some retro American rooms, but also a darker color, because with No style with history will be too lively.

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