New Chinese lamps with beautiful lines

2020-03-04 16:46:29

Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said that "the lines of beauty and all other beautiful forms must have symmetrical forms". Symmetry is the traditional technique of formal beauty. The modeling of China's colored pottery thousands of years ago proved that symmetry was recognized and used by human beings as early as possible. Symmetry originally is the objective existence of aesthetic feeling of biological body and mechanism. The human body, animal body, plant leaf body and insect limb are all symmetrical. Symmetry is the formal beauty rule that human beings have mastered for a long time. In proportion, the design of Yuanhe new Chinese lamps mostly follows the line aesthetics of symmetrical structure.

The style decoration of new Chinese style lamps is the new favorite of many people who pursue the quality of life. The new Chinese style lamps play an important role in the new Chinese style home furnishings. But the tone of the new Chinese style itself is darker. First, it is a kind of retro decoration style. Second, the style and color with historical flavor are not too lively. Yuanhe new Chinese style teaching you matching tips new Chinese style lighting style decoration is the new favorite of many people who have the pursuit of quality of life, new Chinese style lighting plays an important role in the new Chinese style home.


What's important is that the Chinese style lamp has changed the disadvantages of traditional furniture, which is "not easy to use and comfortable". In addition, it is more flexible in the layout of different types of rooms, so it has been accepted by more and more people, especially those who are calm and love traditional Chinese culture.

The requirement of hard material for mortise and mortise is very high, which is caused by the characteristics of hard material itself. It is not as resistant as other cork. As the name implies, hard wood is a word of "hard". Most hardwoods are hard and brittle, without flexibility. The same is true for the manufacture and design of iron bends for new Chinese lamps. Tenon and mortise must be done properly, scientifically and reasonably. If the tenon is large and small, it is easy to crack if the tenon is installed with too much force, and it is easy to fall off if the tenon is small and large.

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